For Sale By Owner
1983.5 VW Vanagon Westfalia
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

*** SOLD! ***

1983.5 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia Camper with a Subaru SVX (3.3L 6 cylinder) engine! This car spent it's life in Arizona and California. I bought it from California. It is extremely dry and RUST FREE! It has been garage-kept for the last 2 years since I've owned it, and has not seen any winter driving.

Engine heads machined last year. New timing belt. New water pump. About 2500 miles since then and the engine is running like a top. Stainless steel coolant pipes. Rocky Mountain Westy Aluminum Coolant Tank. Shortened oil pan. Stock VW manual transmission (new fluid in Spring 2016). New tires in June 2016 with less than 2500 miles on them since then. New steering rack & pinion (June 2016). Steering is really tight. New clutch master/slave cylinders last year.

Pop-top removed and restored in Spring 2016. Restored with Interlux products (see picture) and Interlux Brightside High Gloss Polyurethane Marine Paint (both interior/exterior sides). The interior pop-top flocking (aka: petri dish for mold) was completely removed. It is so nice with the flocking removed and replaced with the polyurethane paint. No more mold to deal with, and cleans easily with warm water and a rag. I absolutely love it, and it looks great too!

House batteries installed under rear seat. There is a battery isolator that is controlled by a momentary switch on the dash board. It isolates the house batteries from the starter battery. If your starter-battery dies, flip the switch and you can start the vehicle using the house batteries. House batteries provide 220 amp hours of power. That's enough to run the installed TruckFridge TF65 for 5-6 days. A Progressive Dyanamics (PD9245CV) 45-amp converter/charger is also installed. The PD9245CV is used to manage/charge the house batteries when the vehicle is plugged into shore power. Furthermore, a Xantrex 806-1210 1000 Watt true sinewave inverter is installed. Use this to run your small kitchen appliances, laptop, etc, off the house batteries. A SolarEpic Tracer 315BN MPPT 30 AMP Solar Charger controller with MT-50 Remote LCD Display is installed. The solar Controller is wired to the hookup on the side of vehicle (next to the shore power and water hookups). An HQST 100 watt 12V solar panel is included, but not installed (can be mounted to roof rack with Yakima mounts (also included) or camp in the shade and run a wire out to the solar panel in the sun. All camper wiring is marine grade AWG wire. It's all labeled too, so you know what is what. New stereo with Blue Tooth connectivity and remote control. Carbon Monoxoide and propane detector installed.

New GoWesty propane tank installed in December 2015, along with Bus Depot's "Propane Extension Kit (Connect larger propane tank & appliances). Propane copper tubing replaced with new copper tubing. New GoWesty "Complete Faucet Upgrade Kit" installed. All plumbing/drain lines replaced. Needless to say, the stove and sink work great! New GoWesty sliding window screens installed New Bus Depot pop-up tent installed in Spring 2016. Yakima roof rack installed in June, 2017. New Yakima roof top cargo box mounted in June, 2017. Colorado Carefree awning.

Instrument cluster blue foil repair kit installed last year (see here for more information: The repair kit is Cluster Masterís VW T3 Vanagon Instrument Cluster Repair Kit. Awesome upgrade!

Custom wood paneling and wood flooring. Front seats are Stow-n-Go seats. They are comfy *and* they fold flat, which is great for camping because it provides more space in the van. I love them, but I know they're not eveyone's cup of tea. I will also include the original seats with the sale (see pictures). The original seats' fabric match the rear seat fabric too. It's pretty "groovy" fabric actually. Van sleeps 4 (2 up top in the tent, and 2 down below on the Z bed).

16" Alloy Wheels. HD Bilstein shocks with GoWesty 1.5" lift springs.

Custom RGB LED lighting installed, and controllable from an RF based remote control.

Also included:

-GoWesty ARB 12V Air Compressor (not installed)
-GoWesty Inside Windows Insulation Kit
-GoWesty Outside Table Mount
-Fancher's R8 Pop-Top tent thermals (R8)
-Fancher's Outside Window thermals (R4)
-Fancher's Rear Hatch Thermal
-Rear hatch screen

Added: 06/14/2017: Here's some video I shot when removing the flocking from the inside of the pop-top. Lots of work, but soooo worth it!